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Motorcoach Services

Motorcoach Services

The Ambassador Bridge crossing is committed to providing exceptional service to motorcoach drivers and passengers. We appreciate your business and understand the importance of providing an excellent shopping experience to your passengers. Because of this we wish to offer you the most convenient and efficient service possible.

Escort and Driver Services
  • Bus Incentive Program
  • Ample Bus Parking
  • Pre-Registration Service
Ambassador Duty Free Motorcoach Services Motorcoach Passenger Services
  • Open 24 Hours - 7 Days a Week(including holidays)
  • Spacious Washrooms
  • Weekend Liquor & Confection Sampling
  • Currency Exchange
  • On-site Bank Machine
  • Passenger Gift Raffles
  • Complimentary Coffee
  • Great Savings

Pre-Registration Service

All bus groups are welcome to stop and shop Duty Free at any time. However, we now offer you the option of pre-registration. This option will allow us to serve you and your passengers better. Pre-registration gives us the opportunity to ensure sufficient staff are available to provide you with excellent assistance and prompt check-out.

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Toll Free Phone Registration:
519-977-9100 EXT. 3042
Contact: Maggie Karol
or Supervisor on Duty

Motorcoach Greeting

A member of our staff will greet all pre-registered buses. We will inform your passengers about duty free allowances, store promotions as well as address any questions they may have.

Pre-Registration Gift Giveaway

All pre-registered buses will be provided with a complimentary gift bag to raffle off to their passengers. As well, our staff will hold a draw and present 2 passengers with a $10 ADFS gift certificate.

Shopping Without Delay

We understand the importance of convenient shopping. Our focus is to ensure that your stop is managed efficiently. We appreciate any suggestions you have regarding how we can serve you better.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

1-519-977-9100 EXT. 3042
Contact: Maggie Karol

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