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Specialty Foods
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Smoked Sockeye Salmon Sea Change salmon is smoked with natural hardwood smoke and lightly salted. Still fresh, it is sealed in a gold pouch and cooked in its own juices to produce a succulent, smoke fish delicacy.  
Kinder Chocolate Kinder Chocolate is a fine milk chocolate with a milky filing, 32 individually wrapped bars/400g.  
Frey Swiss Chocolate Chocobloc Air consists of finest quality of milk chocolate, which is a Swiss specialty. Airy bubbles make the chocolate melt deliciously in your mouth and enhance your enjoyment.  
Turkey Hill Maple Syrup Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. has been a leader in the Maple Syrup Industry since 1976. There 100% pure Canadian Maple syrup is free of chemicals, additives and preservatives. We also carry many other products by Turkey Hill including maple cookies, chocolates and tea products.  
Swiss Delice Premium chocolate since 1887 from Switzerland's No. 1 chocolate maker, various assortments to choose from.  
Coffee Crisp Packs A delicious candy bar. Chocolate covered crispy wafflets with a very light coffee tasting center. No peanut butter, no carmel. Goes well indeed with a cup of coffee.  
Toblerone Chocolate straight from Switzerland. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate bars containing honey and almond nougats.  
Cadbury Flake The crumbliest flakiest milk chocolate, from the United Kingdom.  
Cadbury Our Cadbury straight from the U.K. is made with real milk as opposed to Cadbury from retail stores which is made with powdered milk. Flavours available include: Milk Chocolate, Fruit & Nut, and Wholenut. The sizes range from 230g to 400g.  
Ferrero Rocher Ferrero Rocher has delicious layers of crispy wafer and hazelnut, covered in milk chocolate and dressed in sparkling gold  
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